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ruang iklan

ruang iklan

6 Jan 2014

Shaklee Product Return Policy

1. Products are allowed to be returned ONLY upon fulfilling the following conditions: - 
  • Quality issue due to manufacturing defects based on specific description ascertained by the Company, OR
  • Product damaged (e.g. dented, leaking, broken and etc.) during transportation process, in which should be reported to Shaklee Customer Service within 3 working days from the date of receipt, except for
  • Product defect due to the negligence, mishandling or improper storage by the distributor/ customer.
  • Expired product.
2. Product returned must be in original packing with contents not less than 80% of the packing size.
3. Shaklee shall only accept return of defective products within 60 days from the date of purchase. All product returns must be supported by original Shaklee Invoice or Packslip with the duly completed Product Exchange/Return Form with the following information: 
  • the reason for exchange
  • item description, quantity, lot number
  • monetary value of product returned
  • name, address and contact number of the consumer
  • date of product returned
4. NO cash refund is allowed.

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